Threat Hunting with ELK + Wazuh

Catch me if you can :)
Catch Me If You Can :)
  1. ELK
  2. Wazuh
  3. Sysmon — (config file: sysmon-modular)
  4. Atomic Red Team (ART)
  1. T1003 — Credential Dumping
  2. T1037 — Logon Scripts && T1053 Scheduled Task
  3. T1018 — Remote Host Discovery && T1077 — Windows Admin Shares
  4. T1117 — Regsvr32
  1. T1003 — Credential Dumping
  • SAM
  • LSA Secrets
  • Lsass.exe process memory
  • Service Principle Names (SPN)
  • Cached Credentials
  • Registry files
  • Mimikatz
  • gsecdump
  • Secretdump
  • Windows Credential editor
  • Metasploit modules
  • Powersploit
  • Empire
reg save HKLM\sam %temp%\sam
reg save HKLM\system %temp%\system
reg save HKLM\security %temp%\security
T1003 — Registry dump of SAM, creds, and secrets
Sysmon Events
Sysmon Event ID 1
regsvr32.exe /s /u /i: scrobj.dll
T1117 — Regsvr32
Sysmon Events
Sysmon Event ID 1
Sysmon Event ID 3
Sysmon Event ID 7
schtasks /create /tn “T1037_OnLogon” /sc onlogon /tr “cmd.exe /c calc.exe”schtasks /create /tn “T1037_OnStartup” /sc onstart /ru system /tr “cmd.exe /c calc.exe”
T1037 — Logon Script && T1053 Scheduled Task
Sysmon Events
Sysmon Event ID 1
cmd.exe /c “net use \\Target\C$ P@ssw0rd1 /u:DOMAIN\Administrator”
T1077 — Windows Admin Shares
Sysmon Events
Sysmon Event ID 1




Incident Handler, Security Operations

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Abhijith Rao

Abhijith Rao

Incident Handler, Security Operations

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