Linux Threat Hunting — Know your Penguins

Penguin awareness :)
  1. Auditd — This module establishes a subscription to the kernel to receive the events as they occur. To capture these events, the specific rules can be written based on the requirements. Well-extracted rulesets can be referred from here [ Florian Roth’s rules :) ]
  2. File Integrity — It checks integrity of the file systems.
  3. System — This module is specific for collecting the 5 types of data sets i.e., host, login, process, socket, user. The detailed information can be read here.


lazagne executed on endpoint for password dumping
python utility is used to dump password from memory
systemctl utility is used to “initialize” auditbeat service
nano editor is used to create cron jobs
chmod utility is used to set those two flags
mkdir utility is used to create hidden directories
touch utility is used for timestomping




Incident Handler, Security Operations

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Abhijith Rao

Abhijith Rao

Incident Handler, Security Operations

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