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Fennec Fox
BZAR scripts
Zeek Notices
  1. The PSEXEC has attempted to write using SMB Tree Connect on ADMIN$ (ADMIN$ is nothing but a symbolic link to the path C:\Windows)
  2. Saves the copy of the executable file on the target machine.
  3. RPC is invoked for the process creation — svcctl:CreateServiceWOW64W
  4. Another RPC is invoked for process initiation — svcctl::StartServiceW

Now, let us look the Alert background -

  • smb_mapping.log
  • smb_files.log
  • dce_rpc.log
  1. smb_mapping logs are generated after the parsing SMB Tree connect information from captured SMB traffic.




Incident Handler, Security Operations

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Abhijith Rao

Abhijith Rao

Incident Handler, Security Operations

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